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The Story so far…

Dan is a Band with lead Composer, Keyboardist, Vocalist, Danny Childress with other Members Guitarist and Keyboardist, Robert Reaves, also Guitarist, Steve Steinbach as the Core Members.

Danny says hes been Writing on the Album level for about a year and a half, its been a wonderful journey and was highly influenced by Bands and Artist such as Seal, Tool, Kansas, and the like. when composing the songs i also got influences by some of the new Ambient Metal Artist such as David Maxim as well as ideas from Widek.

The Band is Considered a Progressive Cinematic Metal band with a twist of poly rhythms, some Djent, Soundscapes with hard hitting Vocals, Keyboards and Guitars.

Danny and Robert grew up playing in a band together in the 80s called the Front and did many great shows together at that time as they’ve always found common ground on the Progressive Genre of music whether it be Yes, King Crimson, UK, to Dream Theater, they’ve always shared a love and passion for the same styles of music. And now that the newest addition to band has been added Steve, they feel that they got a truly unique sound together and a bond and vision for the future together in creating something Special and that will captivate listeners that love the progressive music genre as they do around the world

They currently working on news songs for another Album and it just keeps getting better as we work together, They are also in Rehearsal getting ready for live dates in the near future so keep your eyes out for them soon.