We all have dreams growing up

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local gig band

Looking back i was around 14 years old in a small town called Millington,TN.
I was a Young keyboardist and Singer looking for a band to join,Had all of my
hair then and was on my way to being a rock star,or so i thought,but the reality
of that happening seemed light years away.

As Diverse as Millington was being that it was one of the largest military bases in the
Country, A melting pot of people from all over the US,it still had a small Hick town mentality.
And finding other like minded musicians who loved Progressive rock and who could actually
play it was near to impossible

So i found myself at commuting with friends who were old enough to drive to Memphis,TN.
about 20 miles or so from my hometown,where Rock legends like Elvis,Jerry Lee,
Roy Orbison etc..Home of Sun Studios.there was no shortage of Long hair,Talented
Rock Musicians weed and guitars,being my friends were older than me to get me in
the clubs to see the great local bands at that time,they would literally paint a
mustache on me so i could get in… It Was Eye a Opening experience.

At that time the Rock scene was exploding people were getting signed left and right
as time went on i begin meeting a lot of the guys in those bands i considered
Rock Stars at least in my eyes,i started hanging out with some of them and really
begin to feel i was apart of that world of Music,i looked up to those guys and felt
truly connected here i was just a kid but i was on the inside

As i got to know them more i would started sitting in with them and begin to come into my own
and started writing Music getting inspired by bands like YES,Kansas,Rush and the like in that day. I begin starting my own band and getting Gigs and playing all over the place,It was a┬ávery surreal experience when your that young and doing it,,the smell of a bar,Beer and piss isn’t the best part of it though nor the hangovers but it came with the Territory ,but the it was some of the best times of my life.

but as years go and life goes on people change times change,But for me i wouldn’t
change a thing of the experience and the magic of making music and seeing folks face
light up with joy to hear their favorite song played mine or someone else’s,i still love
doing both.

Now that im much older im still excited to write,create and play Music,and believe
God has gifted me to share it with anyone who will hear,only if for a moment help
them escape the daily grind of just everyday life and hopefully be blessed by listening
and inspire hearts that there is a wonderful world beyond the horizon of this crazy
world we live in ,through lyrics and the music spark a new joy for life and give meaning
and understanding to help others recharge and keep going

creating this music has certainly done this for me,but even more important than anything
its YOU the listener that makes it all worth creating in the first place
I look forward to many more musical journeys,here is to hoping You’ll will be apart of
that journey.

If you’d like to hear more of the latest creations of that journey
Click Here to listen to the most recent Album LEVEL

Thank You for being listener and making it so worth it

Rock On and God Bless!!!

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